Christmas Activities 2020

No-one knows what Christmas will be like this year, what we do know is that the message of Christmas hasn’t changed. Here are some ways we are planning to celebrate the wonderful message of Christmas. (Note them down in pencil as they are all subject to change).

Candlelight & Nativity Service

As we are unlikely to be able to have our candlelight service we plan to have an outdoor candlelight service with a few special guests and surprises thrown in too. The provisional date and time is 20th December at 5:00pm

Nativity on Tour

For those who may not have much contact with others, we are thinking of arranging a “Nativity on Tour” as we dress up and visit homes around Leominster before returning to the church for the chance for everyone to come and see a nativity scene.

Home Church Family Service

The current limits on meeting together would mean Christmas day will be strange for everyone. However, do not fear we will be preparing a Christmas day family service that can be seen by everyone and will include contributions from the whole church family.

Christmas Day Meals

We are in touch with a number of people who may well be alone at Christmas due to the current situation. We would love to be able to provide some support for these people in the form of a meal. However, it would be too much for one or two people to manage so we would like to ask if there is anyone who might consider preparing an extra meal along with their own and delivering it on Christmas day to bless these people. Let us know if you think you can help.