Small Groups at LBC

We worship, listen, celebrate and learn in rows, however, real growth requires a circle. At LBC circles are small groups of people who connect to grow together, care for one another, learn from others and encourage one another. Here you will find out about our current circle groups and how new circles can begin.

Circle Groups

Grow Together

We have a thirst for coffee, friendship, laughter, mutual support and exploring God’s word in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone’s opinion counts and no-one is judged. We use bible study notes but allow the conversation to adapt and head off in directions that address individual concerns and needs, often ending up with more questions than answers but with our thirst quenched until the next meeting!

Other Things You Should Know:

Generally meets on Thursdays between 10:30-12:00


A group of mum’s with younger children who regularly meet to connect and read through a book or study a section of the bible. The group is made up of mum’s with children in preschool or elementary school. 

Currently meeting at LBC.

Fortnightly, 10:30am

A mid week group that currently meets for bible study, prayer and encouragement.

A mid week group that currently meets for bible study, prayer and encouragement.

House Group style gathering for fellowship, bible study and prayer.

Tuesdays, Fortnighlty, 7:30pm

Currently meeting at LBC.

Informal gathering for fellowship and prayer.

Currently meeting at LBC.

An 8 week course looking at the idea of wellbeing from a biblical perspective.

Tuesday, Weekly, 1:30am

Weekly sessions following the Bible Course material which looks at the bibles story and how it fits together. Currently meeting at LBC.

Awaiting further interest

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